Sight words: List1         Sight words: List2

 Sight words: List3 and Sound Songs       Monster Game

This FIRST set of words includes high frequency words that students need to MASTER by the END of grade 1. This means they should be able to recognize them at a glance, without having to break them up into chunks to decode them. Since these words are very common and appear regularly in texts for our grade level, learning them will help your child’s fluency and comprehension.

List two and three will go home at the following report card times…these words need not to be mastered! But being familiar with them is certainly 100% beneficial for your child for when it comes to reading and writing.

Some ways to practice:

  • Choose a few to review each night, adding a few words every few days.
  • Be a detective and search for the sight words in French books.
  • Copy two sets of the words onto flashcards and play memory.
  • Choose about a dozen words and make 4 copies of each on flashcards and play Go Fish.
  • Make Bingo game boards with the words instead of numbers and play together.

List 1: To master by end of Grade One

List 1 <– parent translation sheet

List 2: To learn by end of Grade One

List 2  <—– parent translation sheet

List 2 flash cards <—— list of word for extra copies (for games or to practice at multiple homes)

List 3: To be introduced by end of Grade One

List 3 <—- parent translation sheet

list 3 vert <— extra copies



Our song songs to find sounds in messages

Sound Cards

Days of the Week (Jours de la semaine)

Months of the year (Mois de l’année)

Alphabet names and sounds

Sound series//Série de Sons  

(in progress)

Monster GAME

Below are MONSTERS with simple syllables and sounds. Students can use these as flashcards or print two sets for memory, go fish, ect type of games

Syllables Simples

Syllables Sons Complexes