When going to the computer lab at the beginning of the year I first have students log in and log out. The end! That is all the time we have…


The second time we attempt again and I have students add a site that is easy enough to type in themselves. This year their FAVOURITE and easily typed  is CHANTER AVEC MINI

Chanter avec mini

Their FAV!

The students love to watch the videos and sing along which they have their headphones in.



Once students are set up with their first bookmark then I am able to add more sites to their bookmark bar.

Currently students have:

Chanter Avec Mini (vocab, songs)

Takatamuser (math, french)

Cité des Enfants (explore, games)

Poisson Rouge (mouse handling skills)

Sites are added as they are found useful or students are requesting something new! Unfortunately, next year these bookmarks will be lost on their student numbers as the students need to use the exact same laptop next year (which won’t likely happen because we give out laptops based on their class order number!) But that is ok! The freedom these few links provide are worth the few computer lab trips it takes to get everyone nicely set up!

More links which are organized by categories are found under At home//resources — French On the Internet

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