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Chansons//Song//St Patrick

Chansons//St Patrick//French Immersion

Now what does that say in English you might ask?

Where is the leprechaun?
Where is the leprechaun?
There he is
There he is
He is looking for a rainbow
He is looking for a rainbow
St Patrick’s day
March 17th 

Addition Freebie// Plus 2

We have been working HARD on addition since winter and students are grasping their facts. I created a little activity for my students (French Immersion k/1) to work on independently to show me where they are at. Some finished very quickly while others took their time.

To vary the levels in this quick activity students can use a 6 sided die, 10 or even 12 to help add by 2s. Also this page could be double-sided or single sided.

To save paper this activity can be printed on card stock and laminated so that student can use a whiteboard marker or at home can use Learning Resources Write and Wipe Pockets  see! –> which offers flexibility as you just change the activity in the pouch and they can reuse the activities over and over again.

At their own pace once finished, students broke off  in pairs and played math games in partners which reinforce more adding 2s (roll, add 2, cover up the number and try to get 3 cover ups in a row!)


Click on image to find pdf version with instructions on teacherspayteachers

plus 2

More//Grade 1 Math Strategies & Manipulatives//Click to go to page


Adventures to the Computer Lab

When going to the computer lab at the beginning of the year I first have students log in and log out. The end! That is all the time we have…


The second time we attempt again and I have students add a site that is easy enough to type in themselves. This year their FAVOURITE and easily typed  is CHANTER AVEC MINI

Chanter avec mini

Their FAV!

The students love to watch the videos and sing along which they have their headphones in.



Once students are set up with their first bookmark then I am able to add more sites to their bookmark bar.

Currently students have:

Chanter Avec Mini (vocab, songs)

Takatamuser (math, french)

Cité des Enfants (explore, games)

Poisson Rouge (mouse handling skills)

Sites are added as they are found useful or students are requesting something new! Unfortunately, next year these bookmarks will be lost on their student numbers as the students need to use the exact same laptop next year (which won’t likely happen because we give out laptops based on their class order number!) But that is ok! The freedom these few links provide are worth the few computer lab trips it takes to get everyone nicely set up!

More links which are organized by categories are found under At home//resources — French On the Internet

Computer lab

Ecoute online//Audiobooks

L’heure du conte

L’heure du conte provides 10 audiobooks online for children to listen along. It is just the audio aspect but a great way to hear more French at home.

In class we use audiobook CDs, QR codes linked to mp3 recordings on the iPad as well as computer lab time. This resource is another great addition to the student’s bookmarks.


Click above each image for the link to their audiobook page.

Rien qu’un Bisou

Poisson d’avril

Poisson d'avril

M. Ilétaitunefois

M. Ilétaitunefois

Les trois petits cochons et le grand gentil loup

Les trois petits cochons et le grand gentil loup

Le papa qui avait 10 enfants

Le papa qui avait 10 enfants

La véridique histoire de destructotor

La véridique histoire de destructotor

La petite princess et le prince

La petite princess et le prince

La dernière Tétine d’Odilon le Dragon

La dernière tétine d'Odilon le dragon

Juliette la rate romantique

Juliette la rate romantique

Gare au gros gorille!

Gare au gros gorille!

Nos Chansons//Our Songs

Séries de Sons//Sound Series

Found under: at home resources– sight words/vocab/sounds

Jours de la semaine//Days of the week


Playlist//Primary Songs

A compilation of songs we sing in class. Rich in vocab and enjoyment!

Find more at madamedove ‘s youtube channel and playlists


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