Month: February 2016

Séries de Sons//Sound Series

Found under: at home resources– sight words/vocab/sounds

Jours de la semaine//Days of the week


Playlist//Primary Songs

A compilation of songs we sing in class. Rich in vocab and enjoyment!

Find more at madamedove ‘s youtube channel and playlists


Books books books!

I love a good book..but in French it is a bit trickier because either the text has too many words, or the vocabulary is so extensive! Often in class I read English story books but then translate it on the spot. At times that does not work since the book is a rhyming book and you loose that whole feel! I am making a list and adding as I go, books I truly enjoy reading out loud to my class or books I feel like no kid should go without (English or French!). In timeI will create another list for great audiobooks (on audible or to order) as well as easy readers.

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